Attention: give-away!

Rules of participation in the give-away:

The contest game starts on the 1st August 2019 and will go online, once a month.

Russian citizens over 14 years old, having Russian passport, as well as foreigners over 18 years old can participate in the contest.

The main prize will be a land plot located in one of our villages.

To take part in the contest you need to register in our YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram groups.

Only those will have a possibility to participate in monthly give-aways and win prizes who are registered in all three above mentioned networks.

The winner of the contest passes an obligatory check to verify the dates of registration in our YouTube channel and Facebook and Instagram groups. If all the required rules are respected, our company members contact the winner to discuss the time and the place of prizes issuing.

If the check shows that the winner during the give-away was registered only in one or two networks the results of the contest will be deemed invalid and the prize will be raffled among the other participants.

Dacha | Solutions for Country Life team